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K1 Kickboxing 


At Scorpion you will learn Kick Boxing in a professional, friendly and focused environment. At Scorpion gym we cater for people from all backgrounds and fitness levels. We really pride ourselves on giving our members a motivating yet challenging environment.

We run 8 K1 Kickboxing classes per week varying from pads, bag work, partner drills to sparring. All sessions are run as group sessions, learning from former professional British Cruiserweight champion Daniel Hughes and joint head coach Chris Hughes. Sessions are also run by Scorpion fighter and current Pro and British champion Sami Salem.

What is K1 Kickboxing?

K1 Kickboxing is a mixture of certain Thai boxing techniques and traditional full contact kickboxing techniques.

The use of elbows, sweeps and throws are not legal. While in the clinch the fighters must be active is allowed vary from 3-5 seconds in which the fighter can use multiple knee strikes. This style of fighting has a very fast tempo, with a large emphasis on movement, boxing and hard kicks to the head, body and legs

Kickboxing for Beginners

It can be a daunting prospect when starting anything new and that can be even more so when it comes to a sport like Kickboxing. However, our coaches are professional and skilled teachers. Just like you, they started as beginners. As a beginner you will receive all the help and extra attention you may need and all equipment is provided by us. All you need is a pair of shorts, t-shirt and drink. 

Don't worry you will not be expected to take part in any Kickboxing sparring sessions until you are ready. Of course you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at all. 

Simply put " be the best you can be" and try not to compare yourself to others. Training can be challenging (nothing you won't be able to handle), yet highly rewarding.

You will learn an actual fighting system that actually works, taught by seasoned professionals. At the same time you will also improve your overall fitness level in all areas, muscularly, anaerobically, aerobically and also lose any unwanted weight. 

Most importantly however is you'll have fun doing it.


Beginners K1 kickboxing

Tuesday and Thursday

6 -7pm


Intermediate / Advanced K1 Kickboxing

every week night



Women only kickboxing Wednesday

9:30 - 10:30pm


Lunchtime classes Wednesday and Saturday

12 - 1 pm    

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